Feb 3, 2017

Nutrient-Rich Vegetables


At CuisinArt’s organic hydroponic farm, all vegetables ripen fully before they are picked, which makes them very nutritious and gives them that flavor of having been picked in the backyard garden. Since it is generally true that once fruits or vegetables reach their fully mature state, they will have synthesized the maximum amount of vitamins and absorbed the maximum amount of minerals possible, by harvesting vegetables in their prime-ripened stage, we can preserve the highest nutritional value of the product until it arrives on your plate.

Studies with tomatoes have shown that the vine-ripened versions have from two to five times as much provitamin A, and more than five times as much vitamin B6, as immature green ones. You may purchase tomatoes that are red in a supermarket, but they may have been picked green and then gassed with ethylene to turn them red. And the fruit, even if it is red, does not have the same nutrition or flavor as the vine-ripened version. Similarly with sweet bell peppers, the final stage of this ripened fruit is not green, but red, yellow, or orange, depending upon the variety.