One of the primary reasons that people a seek out spa experiences is to have the opportunity to feel rejuvenated through unique body and skin experiences. Feelings of rejuvenation can occur simply by applying pressure to certain points on the surface of the skin, referred to as acupressure points. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It has been discovered to be the seat of many of the most important generative functions of the human immune system. Research has shown that the cells that fight disease in the body are stimulated into production when attention is given to the skin in these ways. The increased nerve stimulation and increased blood flow also work to enhance the vitality and appearance of the skin, and consequently, the whole person.

For many people the stresses and demands of everyday life can lead to a feeling of numbness. Our “business as usual” routines can become ruts. Stagnation is one of the unhealthiest conditions possible. If we are looking for a change in our way of living, breaking out of the trance can start with re-awakening our senses.

Rejuvenating the body and mind by enhancing the flow of vital energy in the body/mind is essential to living well. While we often engage in many repetitive (and potentially numbing or stagnating) actions, we seldom consciously shift into doing actions that are designed to increase our energy on many levels. When this is done on a physical level, the stimulation to the body has many health-enhancing effects.

Introduce the philosophy of Appearance Enhancement as a systematic and complete method, above and beyond it being a product line and a brand name. It is the essence of the art and science of rejuvenation.

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