Healthy Inflammation Response And Immune Support

“What if, genetics loads the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger?"

What Is Immune Support and Healthy Inflammation Response

Most of us have some idea what inflammation is. If a wound gets hot, turns red, hurts, and swells, we recognize that inflammation is at work. In this instance, inflammation is a beneficial process, serving to immobilize the area of injury as the rest of the immune system mobilizes to heal.

Regardless of the source of assault on our bodies, inflammation is the first-alert mechanism that calls into action the cells responsible for surveillance and protection, signaling them to go to work and limit the damage.

These cells attack and destroy the invaders, then clean up the damaged cells, repairing and clearing as they go, until a healthy state is restored. As such, inflammation is your body’s first line of defense against injury or infection.

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Silent Inflammation – When silence is deadly

Researchers now recognize another kind of inflammation: silent inflammation, or SI. This type of internal inflammation has an insidious nature and is the culprit behind the many chronic diseases that are primarily caused by poor lifestyle habits and environmental pollutants.

Causes of Inflammation

They are found in both our internal and external environments and include excessive levels of the hormone insulin, emotional stress, environmental toxins (heavy metals), free-radical damage, nanobacteria and other bacterial infections, obesity, over consumption of hydrogenated oils, periodontal disease, radiation exposure, smoking, spirochetes,

10 Ways To Reduce Inflammation (Tame the Flame)

Inflammation can be kept in check using the following methods.

Immune Support and Healthy Inflammation Response Summary

Everywhere we turn we are facing evidence that inflammation plays a larger role in chronic disease than was ever thought. To some degree, silent inflammation is insidiously eroding our brain, heart, skin and all of our vital organs and systems.

In treating inflammation, we urge physicians to keep an open mind while using conventional treatments and to investigate alternatives that can improve the quality of life for their patients. Choosing from the best conventional and complementary options is the only logical and ethical thing to do to help douse the inflammatory inferno in our bodies.

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