Practitioner Direct Program

Introducing  Practitioner Direct Program

Your clients are buying personal care products, including supplements from somewhere—why not from the YOU, the practitioner they trust the most?

Practitioner Direct Program

The BYOURBEST Practitioner Direct program is a turnkey solution creating a direct revenue relationship between your clients and you.

Our strategy increases your personal brand without taking time away from your practice.

We provide everything needed to get started quickly and cost efficiently, including:

  • Clinically responsible formulas

  • Collateral materials

  • Creation of your brand story

  • Radio and online sales funnels

  • Dedicated call center agents

  • Continuity programs

  • Database management

Your clients are buying personal care products, including supplements from somewhere—why not from the YOU, the practitioner they trust the most?

BYOURBEST Practitioner Direct sources only the best products at the best price, giving you peace of mind that you can pass along to your clients. Selling direct to your clients could not be easier or more profitable.

Developing Your Brand

Consumers need to feel a connection to the brands they buy. A superior customer experience is paramount, but so is the right story.

Messaging on TV, radio, print and web works well when the messaging follows a developed narrative; your personal story!

Your personal practitioner’s story is your brand. Let us help you make it more compelling with:

  • Branding Sessions to develop your story

  • Creative Directors with 20+ years experiences

  • Curated Content and Content Writers that specialize in full spectrum wellness, health, appearance and vital energy!

Customize Your Line

Creating a line of personal care products and supplements that fit your brand will accelerate consumer interest and increase compliance.

BYOURBEST Practitioner Direct makes sure the supplements you offer highlight your brand, affordably, thanks to:

  • No large inventory investment

  • Clinically responsible ingredients

  • Formulations with a story and legal claims

  • Made to support continuity programs

It Couldn’t Be Easier

BYB Practitioner Direct has made the sourcing, marketing and sales process SEAMLESS from start to finish. Utilize one or all of our services to fit your needs!

Product and Packaging

BYOURBEST Practitioner Direct offers a wide array of personal care products, including nutraceutical products and hard goods. Simply choose your ideal product line and our team will source the products, packaging and labels for you, getting your products and brand ready for market.

Advertising and Marketing

Our advertising and marketing teams specialize in marketing spa, fitness and wellness products, services and programs, both in retail and direct to the consumer. We develop campaigns for radio, television, print, direct mail, email, web, and other mediums to get YOU, your brand and your product sold!

Orders and Shipments

BYOURBEST Practitioner Direct has web developers to help you sell your product online, full service call centers for inbound phone sales and customer service calls, and product fulfillment centers to get your product to your customers!

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