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Kiko Technology is a water structuring device which improves the quality of water by harnessing the power of far infrareds (FIR). Immerse a Kiko cartridge into any beverage to increase nutrient absorption while reducing bodily toxins for better health and wellness.

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Proven Technology! Kiko water is energized water using natural, far infrared stones. (“FIR”) a non-visible energy emitted by our Sun and considered the most plentiful and safest energy, Today’s water has a FIR absorption level as low as 4% – 10% after Kiko it increases dramatically to 70% – 90% levels. This effect has been measured in hundreds of applications and everytime been 100% effective.
One of the least known effects of pollution is on water’s energy. Decades of accumulating cloud cover has prevented water from absorbing the sun’s natural energy. In other words, water today does not vibrate as fast as it once did 60 to thousands of years ago. Most importantly, measurable amounts of far infrareds in water have diminished. Kiko Technology, using its patented kinetic energy delivery system (KEDS) restores FIR levels in water similar to what they were 60 to thousands of years ago by simply immersing the kiko cartridge in your liquid of choice.

“I received my first shipment of KIKO Cartridges last week. I have been diabetic for almost 30 years. For the past year, when I wake up I can’t move, I have no energy even though I had slept all night. I would get up feeling tired and listless.

I started drinking KIKO water and in one week I am out of bed like a bullet, I use to drink an energy drink to get me going in the morning. I don’t need it anymore. I can go and exercise for 30 – 45 minutes without any energy booster. All I am drinking is KIKO water!”

“My daughter raves about it. She told me that she feels more energy and she is able to go through the day feeling better in her body. She is not sleepy. I’m so happy I gave her Kiko!”

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