Americans spend over $55 billion per year on weight-loss programs, most of which are doomed to fail. To most people, weight loss is about calorie counting, deprivation, and endless rules and restrictions. We now have the science and technology to make weight loss, or maintaining your ideal weight, simple and attainable. By becoming educated about the evolving science of Dr. Sears’s OmegaZone Dietary Program, you will lose weight and feel good about yourself without ever feeling deprived.

More than twenty years ago many physicians recognized that obesity and high cholesterol were major risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the number-one health problem in America, and encouraged their patients to reduce body fat by eating less fat and more carbohydrates. How wrong we were. Most Americans are still paying the price for this nonfat, high-carbohydrate craze, but you can avoid this mistake with a spa-medicine program, using the OmegaZone Dietary Program.