Vital Energy

Vital Energy is a broad based way of defining the three principal energies of life; the basic necessities of our survival. They can also be the causes of disease if they are out of dynamic balance.

One of these energies is composed primarily of air. It is responsible for movement. Another of these energies is predominately composed of fire and is responsible for metabolism. The third is composed of matter, oils and water, and is responsible for the lubrication of the body and the coherence of its parts.


When we are drawn to certain color at a particular time, color therapists assert that we are lacking in the energy produced by that color. To see what hue you mind and body might be craving, scan the next color bar.

After a few moments, you are likely to gravitate to one color.


If you choose Red, you are in need of energy or confidence.


Yellow means you’d like to lighten a despondent mood.


If you were drawn to Orange, you crave mental energy and a sense of cheerfulness.


Green means your nerves are frazzled and you feel off-balance emotionally.


Blue helps you feel more serene and reflective.


Indigo taps into your powers of intuition and alleviates frustrations and fears.


Violet makes you feel more creative and spiritual.

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